THE Discerning eye

Issue 36, Autumn 2020

A group of artists, who had exhibited in the 2019 DE Exhibition, were invited to show in the C24 Gallery, New York. Inside this edition is a report by art critic Anthony J Lester, who attended the Private View with Elizabeth R Meek, one of the DE artists involved.


The New york times

March 5, 2020

Viktor Popović's photographic display at C24 Gallery (Booth F21, Pier 90) combines old postcard images of the Croatian coast, when it was a popular leisure spot, with new photographs of these same sites in postwar decrepitude - a simple but effective visual essay on the lasting effects of war.



June 14, 2019

The exhibition, REFLECTION OF DREAMS consists of seven new large-scale and two new small-scale oil paintings, including new portraits of women gazing into mirrors and Dargas’ favored subject of flowing honey and chocolate over female faces.


June 14, 2019

In the aptly titled show “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” artists Seçkin Pirim, Dana Levy, Suzanne Song and Cheryl Molnar employ stone, paper and various technologies to create works that highlight man’s complicated relationship to nature.


Talk: “The Power of the Feminist Fourth Wave” at C24 Gallery
This panel will focus on the relevancy and power of feminist art in the 21st century. Concurrent with C24 Gallery’s group show “Transfigured,” which focuses on contemporary artists’ representations of sexuality and gender, the panel will be moderated by the artist and writer Melissa H. Potter and will feature the artists Jaishri Abichandani, Swati Khurana, Emma Sulkowicz, and the writer and critic Anuradha Vikram.


July 27, 2018

“From the Cradle to the Boat” is on view at C24 Gallery in New York through Friday, August 24. The group exhibition, curated by Tommy Hartung, includes work by Tamy Ben-Tor, Miki Carmi, Justin Cloud, Clark Filo, Michael Guardiola, O.K. Fox, Reagan Holiday, Monilola Ilupeju, Bahareh Khoshooee, Jeremy Olson, Lynsey Peisinger, and Tommy White. The show also hosts performances by Linda Fletcher, Lynsey Peisinger, Reagan Holiday, and Tamy Ben-Tor.


October 23, 2017

Thinking Projects Pop Up at C24 gallery can seem at first glance to be an expedition: before you, wonders of the world are arrayed in complex configurations. However, unlike expeditionary forces venturing to faraway lands these works are brought to New York audiences by artists Nadiah Bamadhaj (Jogjiakarta), Irfan Önürmen (Istanbul), and Sumakshi Singh (Delhi). Each artist adapts images relevant to their particular cultures, presenting their work within the context of Asia Contemporary Art Week 2017.


December 19, 2015

While much as been made of the seeming exodus of Chelsea art galleries as New York’s real estate prices skyrocket, at least one dealer is committed to the area: C24 Gallery, which opened its first show in its new building at 560 West 24th Street this week.“How Many Miles to Babylon: Recent Paintings from Los Angeles and New York,” a group show curated by Los Angeles-based critic and curator Peter Frank, opened on December 17.

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