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C24 Gallery is an independent, contemporary art gallery located in Chelsea, New York, founded in 2011 by Emre and Maide Kurttepeli, and Mel Dogan. Over the last four years, under the leadership of Director and Curator David C. Terry, we’ve refined our roster of artists to reflect the gender parity and international, multicultural diversity we recognize in the art world. But mostly, we exhibit work that people fall in love with, work that they are passionate about adding to their collections.


Our artists work in a variety of mediums, including painting, ceramics, photography, fiber art, video and sculpture. They share a common exploration of personal and cultural identity and its relationship to history and ongoing cultural and environmental changes. Their narratives are compelling and thought-provoking and their work is complex and nuanced. From museum collections and public installations to international exhibitions, our artists’ work is shown and appreciated across the globe. 


As part of a dynamic curatorial initiative, C24 Gallery has nurtured collaborative partnerships with numerous non-profit organizations and other cultural institutions, including the New York based Consulate General of Germany, the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Goethe-Institut, Soho House, the German Academic Exchange Service, Galerie Deschler Berlin, A:D: Curatorial, Artis, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, and Field Projects.


In addition to our exhibition calendar, C24 Gallery hosts regular tours and special events, including panel discussions and performances. We have also been home to outside cultural events, film shoots and private receptions. As we continue to expand our programming, our mission is to maintain an open and accessible space for art lovers and the art curious, in the heart of the world’s most prestigious, commercial art district.

Emre Kurttepeli | Partner

Maide Kurttepeli | Partner

Mel Dogan | Partner                               

David C. Terry | Director and Curator

Deborah Oster Pannell | Gallery Manager

Aylin Koç | Gallery Assistant 

Yasemin Kurttepeli | Gallery Assistant 

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