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C24 Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Art New York, presented by Art Miami.  For the second annual installment of the international, contemporary- modern art fair, C24 Gallery will present the works of Mike Dargas, Carole Feuerman, Nick Gentry, Dil Hildebrand, Katja Loher, İrfan ÖnürmenSeçkin Pirim, and Christian Vincent.

Mike Dargas (Cologne, Germany) will exhibit for the first time in the United States at Art New York with C24 Gallery.  Dargas utilizes oil on canvas to achieve the precise techniques that make up his hyper-real paintings. The intimate portraits, often large in scale and realistically detailed, challenge the viewer to question human nature and our own emotional perception. 

Carole Feuerman (New York, NY) Carole A. Feuerman works in both monumental and life size sculpture. She pioneered new approaches to sculpture with painted bronze pieces for the outdoors and in water, and is best known for her hyper-realistic sculptures of swimmers. Her works explore classicism while presenting emotions of joy, grace, tranquility and sensuality.

Nick Gentry (London, England). Drawing on recycled and obsolete media and tech materials as the grounds for his paintings, Nick Gentry’s artwork creates a conversation between the rapid changes and destruction in the environment as a product of human consumption and environmental neglect. With materials sourced directly from members of the public, the rigorous conceptual basis of his work explores the areas where reality meets illusion, while drawing on references from consumer waste, to pop culture and found art.

Dil Hildebrand (Montreal, QC) will exhibit for the first time in the United States with C24 Gallery at Art New York.  Hildebrand’s work centers on the architectural and constructed image. Often working in large format, his paintings mimic the scale and structure of architecture, framing the body in life-sized patterns. Inspired by ancient Roman trompe l'oeil frescoes and informed by a diversity of other influences and interests, Hildebrand's paintings explore this shared lineage of architectural formation with painted images.

Katja Loher (New York, NY) Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Katja Loher is a leader among the next generation of video artists. Loher deconstructs the traditional video formats, liberating fantastical environments from the rectangular constraints allowing them to live beyond the canons of bulky technology. Videos embedded in sculpture invite the viewer to enter whimsical “miniverses” which are entirely scripted, choreographed and filmed by Loher. Her original “video alphabet” engages it’s audience by asking questions addressing ecological urgencies.

İrfan Önürmen’s (Istanbul, Turkey) work reveals the relationships and discrepancies between personal and public experience as seen through the lens of contemporary media. The artist addresses the impact of mass media on human experience and its visual representation through collage, painting, and sculpture. With a unique aesthetic approach comprised of layering tulle and textile materials, Önürmen creates a mysterious tone in each work that explores the concepts of vulnerability, transparency, fragmentation and depth, in the pursuit of harmony and dissonance. 

Seckin Pirim (Istanbul, Turkey) will have his debut with C24 Gallery at Art New York this year.  Pirim's conceptual sculptures explore form, color, and pattern. Working in a variety of media, his artworks examine the relationship between object and space, the dichotomy between nature and culture, and the line between art and design. His sculptures are neo-minimalist forms of expression as well as contemporary strategies of art and design that create an aesthetic which neglects social connotation.

Christian Vincent (Santa Monica, CA) Art New York 2016 will mark Christian Vincent’s debut with C24 Gallery. His dream-like paintings explore the dynamics of conformity and desire in social situations within the framework of a post-industrial world. His strong compositions feel melancholic and evoke a sense of isolation. The subjects are often youthful figures on the verge of adulthood that capture a sense of innocence confronted with the compromises of modern life.

Art New York will continue to provide a fresh alternative to acquire important never-before exhibited works from both the primary and secondary markets. The fair will cater to both seasoned and new art collectors who are looking to experience a carefully curated, rich in content, quality presentation of the best of what the global contemporary art market has to offer in New York City next May.

C24 Gallery was established in New York in 2011, and is committed to showing ground-breaking contemporary art. The gallery provides a platform for early to mid-career artists who have achieved critical acclaim in diverse locales. C24 gallery represents artists working in all formats and media and remains dedicated to a geographically diverse program.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016, Opening Reception 2pm-5pm

Access for Art New York Fair VIP Cardholders & Press


Tuesday, May 3 5pm – 8pm

Wednesday, May 4, 12pm – 8pm

Thursday, May 5, 12pm - 8pm

Friday, May 6, 12pm - 8pm

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