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Thursday, September 9 -

Sunday, September 12, 2021

VIP Preview: September 9, 2021
Featured Artists:

Liana Finck

Marion Fink ​

David Krippendorff

Cheryl Molnar

İrfan Önürmen

Christian Vincent

In this selection of work by C24 Gallery artists Marion Fink, Cheryl Molnar, İrfan Önürmen and Christian Vincent and guest artists Liana Finck and David Krippendorff, we offer a variety of perspectives on identity and place that challenge expectations while envisioning new possibilities.


The individuals in Marion Fink’s drawings and monoprints confront the basic existential questions of life in an ever shifting reality, engaging the symbolic elements of modern living in surreal, colorful landscapes. Cheryl Molnar’s collage paintings offer their own brand of surrealism, expressed through the odd juxtaposition of architectural structures set in unlikely natural vistas. Her dreamlike environments conjure up memories of places visited and imagined, pulling viewers into their immersive worlds. ​​İrfan Önürmen’s works on newspaper investigate the shifting versions of truth given to us by mass media, and how they impact our individual experience of ourselves and our place in the world. David Krippendorff’s works explore the layers of meaning embedded in the language of cultural identity as expressed through the lyrics of classical opera, while cartoonist and cultural critic Liana Finck’s pithy drawings comment on modern living amidst rising levels of social and political awareness. And finally, Christian Vincent’s soaring vision of freedom is on display in a limited print edition of his iconic painting, Certain Uncertainties, providing a fitting capstone to this collection of works that seeks higher ground at a time when transcendence may be our greatest liberation.

For more information on Art on Paper 2021, C24 Gallery or the artists in the exhibition, contact:

For more images and information on all available works, please click HERE.




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