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January 11 – February 23, 2019

Opening Reception: January 10: 6-8pm

Artist Talk: January 12: 4pm

Featured Artists

Jaishri Abichandani

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

Andrea Dezso

Sophie Kahn

C24 Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Transfigured. David C. Terry’s second exhibition as Artistic Director and Curator represents a transition towards the future, embracing the gallery’s place in the artistic landscape of New York City. Transfigured features four prolific, New York-based artists: Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Sophie Kahn, Andrea Dezsö, and Jaishri Abichandani. The exhibition will run from January 10th to February 23rd, 2018. An opening reception will be held on January 10th from 6 to 8pm.


The title Transfigured refers to C24 Gallery’s evolution as an art establishment, while also referencing the exhibition’s figurative work by artists who push their media to its fullest potential, in a wholly transformative manner. Terry has long worked with each featured artist and recognizes their dialogue with one another as an homage to the New York art world.

As much as Transfigured's artists have been drawn together by the city, their works are connected by interwoven themes. Barcia-Colombo and   Kahn use their work to engage with technology and the increasing digitization of our identities. Barcia-Colombo works in video installation and interactive sculpture, and Kahn creates through a process of 3D scanning and printing.

Originally from four different continents, (Kahn, Australia; Dezsö, Romania; Abichandani, India; and Barcia-Colombo, the United States), these artists represent the wealth of artistic voices New York City has to offer. Each artist is affiliated with the New York Foundation for the Arts and has contributed to New York’s artistic community in a variety of modes; Barcia-Colombo teaches at NYU and Kahn taught at Pratt, Abichandani founded the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective in New York, and Deszö’s public art is featured by both the City University of New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  


Kahn’s work directly references photographic documentation of female hysteria patients in an exploration of the construction and demolition of the female form and psyche. The content of those works relates directly to Abichandani’s sculptures, which elevate the female form to a place of divinity while exposing the archaic ideology that has resulted in black trans women being subjected to systemic violence and extraordinary rates of murder. Abichandani’s bright colors and mythic imagery complement Dezsö’s fantastical and paracosmic mixed media paintings, drawings, and embroidery.


Transfigured displays four artists who transcend the boundaries of their medium. Each of them fearlessly and unapologetically tackles issues of human sexuality and psyche as well as societal norms and ills, both immersively and transformatively.

View a 3-D virtual tour of the exhibition, HERE

Courtesy of our partners

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