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September 15 – October 29, 2016

Artist Talk Moderated by Paul Laster
September 15: 4pm

Opening Reception: September 15: 6-8pm

Featured Artist

Seçkin Pirim

C24 Gallery is proud to present Hypochondriac, the first solo exhibition in the United States by Turkish artist Seçkin Pirim. On view will be a new body of work produced from a variety of materials including paper and Plexiglass. Hypochondriac will be on exhibit September 15 – October 29, 2016. An Artist Talk with Seçkin Pirim and Time Out New York art critic Paul Laster will take place on Thursday, September 15, 2016 between 4pm and 5:30 pm. They will discuss the artist’s history and current exhibition. Following the artist talk will be an Opening Reception from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Previously known for his neo-minimalist sculptures, Hypochondriac is a departure from Seçkin Pirim’s earlier artworks. In this new series, Pirim combines his previous methods of obsessively symmetrical and precise optical effects with its exact opposite: a spontaneous and uncalculated style of production. Pirim explores his personal struggle with hypochondria, the constant worry of having a serious illness, through his art practice. He questions whether or not the notion of ‘the distorted’ or ‘immaculate’ can be described as diseased. Ultimately, Pirim accepts this duality as his own, without recourse or internal criticism. With this artistic process the artist examines himself and his art through a completely unfiltered lens.

Hypochondriac features works that host parallel symmetrical and asymmetrical ideas. In some cases, we also observe two versions of the same work, representing opposite poles. In Bullet, layered paper is situated in two separate, physical pieces to form a single relief sculpture. The right piece harbors precise straight lines which turn chaotically curved as they transition to the left piece. The work encompasses frenzy and serenity all at once - two moments of the same experience.

Placing the challenges of form and content at the center of his production, Seçkin Pirim describes Hypochondriac as "an exhibition that overlaps with my life, it lays my life bare. Each work has a story, and a corresponding title. I healed each of those conditions and deteriorations by working in a free and spontaneous manner. I had to genuinely force myself to venture beyond my own borders.”

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