Thursday, August 2, 2018 2:30 PM-  
Sunday, August 5, 2018 3:30 PM

Featured Artists

Nilbar Güres

Tommy Hartung

Dil Hildebrand

Katja Loher

Irfan Önürmen

Seçkin Pirim

Regina Scully

Christian Vincent

C24 Gallery is pleased to present Nilbar Güreş, Tommy Hartung, Dil Hildebrand, Katja Loher, Seçkin Pirim, İrfan Önürmen, Regina Scully, Brian Tolle and Christian Vincent at this year’s edition of the Seattle Art Fair.

The Seattle Art Fair features the best in modern and contemporary art for the Pacific Northwest community. Artwork from galleries, museums and institutions around the world all are brought together in the beautiful, cultured city of Seattle. Founded in 2015 by Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair is produced by Vulcan Inc. and Art Market Productions.

Nilbar Güreş (Vienna, Austria /Istanbul, Turkey) utilizes a performative approach to explpre the notions of gender, identity, culture and oppression through the use of photography, collage, drawing, painting and video. Based on long-term research and cultural observation, Güreş creates staged theatrical narratives that are often humorous in their examination of relationship, and representation, with strong critical/political undertones.

Tommy Hartung employs photography, sculpture and video, to address topics such as the Bible and the history of colonialism—with a surrealist DIY aesthetic, through stream of consciousness storytelling. The imagery he creates mirrors a globalized world steeped in obsession, violence and sympathetic magic. His use of multiple media, addresses the themes of modernism, and forms hybrids of classical characters and nuanced allegory.

Dil Hildebrand's work focuses on spatial concepts of design, the construction of image, and the mechanics of representation in art. His work is informed and influenced by a diversity of references and methods, including modernist strategies of fragmentation and re-composition, pictorial tropes of Western art and theatre, and post – modernist architecture. Layered panels follow a consistent color palette throughout the work, playing with distortion, and depth of field. 

Katja Loher (New York, NY) Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Katja Loher is a leader among the next generation of video artists. Loher deconstructs the traditional video formats, liberating fantastical environments from the rectangular constraints allowing them to live beyond the canons of bulky technology. Videos embedded in sculpture invite the viewer to enter whimsical “miniverses” which are entirely scripted, choreographed and filmed by Loher. Her original “video alphabet” engages its audience by asking questions addressing ecological urgencies.

Irfan Önürmen’s (Istanbul, Turkey) work reveals the relationships and discrepancies between personal and public experience as seen through the lens of contemporary media. The artist addresses the impact of mass media on human experience and its visual representation through collage, painting, and sculpture. With a unique aesthetic approach comprised of layering tulle and textile materials, Önürmen creates a mysterious tone in each work that explores the concepts of vulnerability, transparency, fragmentation and depth, in the pursuit of harmony and dissonance.

Seçkin Pirim (Istanbul, Turkey) builds conceptual sculptures that explore form, color, and pattern. Working in a variety of media, his artworks examine the relationship between object and space, the dichotomy between nature and culture, and the line between art and design. His sculptures are neo-minimalist forms of expression as well as contemporary strategies of art and design that create an aesthetic which neglects social connotation.

Regina Scully (New Orleans, LA) creates micro-universes that resonate between the familiar and the unknown. Her mindscapes incorporate different perspectives of space, and suggestive fragments of objects and phenomena. Her paintings and works on paper become personalized dreamscapes for the viewer, with enveloping, rhythmic labyrinths to enter and travel through, wherein the viewer experiences thoughts and visions through association and memory.

Christian Vincent (Santa Monica, CA) creates dream-like paintings that explore the dynamics of conformity and desire in social situations within the framework of a post-industrial world. His strong compositions feel melancholic and evoke a sense of isolation. The subjects are often youthful figures on the verge of adulthood that capture a sense of innocence confronted with the compromises of modern life.

C24 Gallery was established in 2011 in Chelsea, New York, and is committed to showcasing contemporary art with an emphasis on a plural program exhibiting established artists. C24 Gallery artists regularly participate in museum exhibitions and biennials and are included in leading institutional collections worldwide.

In addition to an ambitious exhibition program, which includes collaborations with renowned curators, C24 Gallery regularly hosts artist talks and lectures, and produces catalogues and artist books. Each year the gallery participates in major art fairs all around the world.

August 3 - 6, 2017 | CenturyLink Field Event Center, Seattle


Collectors Preview:

Thursday, August 2, 2018 3:30pm - 6:00pm

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Thursday, August 2, 2018 6:00pm - 9:00pm

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