Tommy Hartung: "R.U.R." featured as Must See Exhibition in artnet

Shows! Shows! Shows! 34 New York Must-See Gallery Exhibitions to See This May                                                                                        Anchored by Frieze Week, May is one of the busiest months for gallery shows in New York.

By Sarah Cascone & Caroline Goldstein

 “Tommy Hartung: R.U.R.” at C24 Gallery

If you missed Tommy Hartung’s debut at C24’s Volta booth, here is a second chance to catch his sinister, pixelated interpretation of the classic 1921 play by Karel Čapek, based on a world overrun by robots who have usurped power from their creators. Using interactive videos, photographs, and sculptures, Hartung brings the text to life for a contemporary audience who will undoubtedly draw parallels to everything from Westworld to the recent data-collection hearings around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

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