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Snubbed by NEA, PBS's Art21 Announces Marathon 8-Hour Art-Filled Telethon Fundraiser

April 26, 2012,3:04 pm

PBS's beloved art documentary series art21 took a major financial hit recently when the National  Endowment for the Arts announced it would cut its funding of the program from $290,000 to $200,000, so the show will hold an old-fashioned fundraising telethon with an all-star cast of artists.

Today art21 announced that it will organize a marathon eight-hour performance and fundraising event on May 6 from 3-llpm at  AIJi:US Greenspon Gallery  in the West Village. The event will be simultaneously streamed live on  the telethon's  website.

 The event will feature artists Debo Eilers and Georgia  Sagri,  performances by Adira  Amram and The Experience, Kate Berlant, DAS, Dirty Mirrors (Jennifer Coates, David Humphrey, Jon Kessler, John Miller , Aura Rosenberg, and Dan Walworth), Mike Dobbins, Ryan McNamara, Maria Petschnig, Mariah Robertson, and MC Squared. Four artists will also give live interviews during the telethon: Shana  Moulton, Kalup  Linzy, Lucas Blalock, and Mika Tajima. The event will be hosted by Ronnie Bass, who co-developed the telethon with artist Tommy Hartung and curator Miriam  Katz.

 Fans of the show are invited to drop by the gallery during the telethon , but keep in mind that Algus Greenspon is very small. Meanwhile those who donate to art21 in advance will have their names read on the air - or perhaps sung by Kalup Linzy to the tune of an 80s pop hit.