History, memory, time. How can art define the transitory?

The 2013 inaugural Ephemeral exhibition at Adelphi University explored the instability inherent in this elusive state through material composition, installation environments or the use of subject matter.

A recurring annual event, the Ephemeral exhibition series considers a specific conceptual facet of the temporary and fleeting each year. For the 2014 show, artists will examine how historical narratives change when told from the vantage point of other, often overlooked perspectives.

Participating artists include Kara Walker, William Kentridge, Duke Riley, Lynne Allen, Ken Gonzales-Day, Skylar Fein, Sarah Peters, Patricia Olynyk, Maureen Cummins and Monica Chulewicz.

Some artists wholly reimagine history or engage in a dialogue with historical figures. Others consider the unreliable nature of memory and its impact on our perception of reality. In this way, the fluid, unfixed and ephemeral character of history and the narratives that it engenders—as well as those that remain untold—are scrutinized through the lens of time.

Ephemeral: Unraveling History