Seçkin Pirim featured in Pulbiber Magazine

Artist Workshops in Istanbul Modern 

Istanbul Modern continues to bring artists together with artists at "Your Perşeneniz" artist workshops sponsored by Ülker. The Artist's Workshop on December 7 is the guest of Seçkin Pirim.

At the workshop of Seçkin Pirim, who invited our perceptions to questioning by focusing on contrasting concepts such as reality, illusion, border, infinite, openness, obscurity, lightness and darkness, participants are exploring depth in the artistic plane inspired by the artist's productions. By putting the papers on a certain plane, they make visual equations that can not be understood as two-dimensional mu or three-dimensional mu, real or a representation at first glance.

"Your Thursdays" Artist Workshops; workshops where artists share their creative processes and artistic experiences with participants, short interviews and artistic practices. Having invited artists to explore the museum, artworks and artistic production processes, Istanbul Modern also recognizes artists and opens up a wealth of experience with them.

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