REPARATION: Contemporary Artists from New Orleans is an exhibition of 187 works by 180 New Orleans artists, young and old, and is part of Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi collection, works commissioned and collected by Benetton on his world travels.

Organized by Diego Cortez, REPARATION features hundreds of New Orleans artists who were invited to create works utilizing the same format: a 4 × 4.75” canvas.

Imago Mundi embodies a visual tapestry of the human artistic condition, and focuses on the society as opposed to the individual artist or art star. These new works will join the larger Imago Mundi collection of tens of thousands of international artists. Instead of constructing a collective exhibition in search of common themes, practices, similarities, trends, or movements, REPARATION is a collective exhibition not only in search of common themes, practices and trends, but also disharmonies that illustrate disparity and dissent. REPARATION shifts the focus of Imago Mundi from national cultural identities to that of a city—New Orleans.

This exhibition is a part of P3+, a satellite program of Prospect.3.