Nilbar Güreş among 10 female modern and contemporary women featured in Istanbul Modern International Women's Day workshop

Istanbul Modern free for women today

March 7, 2018

International Women's Day, March 8, will be celebrated at Istanbul Modern, and all museum entries, workshops, guided tours and movie screenings will be free for women, and the Modern Shop will offer special discounts.

In a workshop organized specially for women, participants will create a mural based on their personal experiences. While pondering how emotions and thoughts can be visualized, the workshop also focuses on discovering the liberating elements of artistic expression.

Works of female artists will be examined:

The guided tour, specially organized for women, includes works of art by 10 female modern and contemporary artists. The engravings of Aliye Berger, the "Hapishanede Ziyafet" ("Feast in Jail"), Nilbar Güreş's "Soyunma" ("Underdressing"), Hale Tenger's "Strange Fruit," Handan Börüteçene's "Kendini Bana Getir" ("Bring Yourself to Me"), Selam Gürbüz's "Silik Kostüm" ("Obscure Costume") and "Autoportrait," İnci Eviner's "Yeni Vatandaş I-II-III" ("New Citizen I-II-II"), Nil Yalter's "Başsız Kadın ya da Göbek Dansı" ("Headless Woman or Bellydancing"), Fanrelnissa Zeid's "Soyut Kompozisyon" ("Abstract Composition") and Nur Koçak's "Cahide'nin Öyküsü Serisi" ("Cahide's Story Series"), all included in the "Artist in Their Time" Istanbul Modern collection, will be visited through a 45-minute guided tour.

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