Nick Gentry on Faith is Torment

Psychic Compound: Portraits Made From Film Negatives by Nick Gentry

By Jason Jose

New series of portraits constructed from film negatives and mounted on light boxes by London-based artist Nick Gentry. He repurposes obsolete technologies such as x-ray prints, 35mm film negatives, VHS cassettes, and floppy discs that comments on consumerism, cyber culture, and identity, while simultaneously highlighting our relationships with technologies of both the past and the future. Using LED lights to focus your attention to the facial area, Gentry states that these portraits and the intentional use of the word “psychic” in the exhibit’s title “relates to the soul or the mind—something spiritual that is not fully understood by science.”

These objects are no longer in the spotlight but by placing them there for a second, it becomes easier to comprehend the speed and extent of the changes that are taking place today.