KATJA LOHER Site Specific Installation for the Swiss Indian Art Collective

Swiss Indian Art Collective

Will the Doves Nestle on the Moon?

 February 9 -11, 2018

On the occasion of the India Art Fair 2018 and 70 Years of Swiss Indian Friendship, the Embassy of Switzerland in collaboration with the Basu Foundation for the Arts and the Old-Fashioned Cosmopolitan – The Art of Connectivity hosts three site-specific installations to celebrate the Swiss Indian Art Collective. The focus lies on facilitating exchanges between artists and performers with the intention to connect minds and inspire new ideas. 

In a beautiful and magical approach, whereby technology and spirituality merge to create a new terrestrial ground, Katja Loher, Sumakshi Singh and Satish Gupta raise ecological awareness. 

Swiss artist Katja Loher’s work calls for action to protect the beauty of nature and peripheral cultures from ecological dangers such as air pollution, water contamination, industrial and human waste. Loher guides her audience through poetry. In her videos, choreographed dances of reinvented and imaginary creatures are projected on spherical sculptures that create hypnotic mind and eye-bending mandalas. The experience of Loher's fabulous universe is enhanced by live performers, such as the Bubblelady —the Master of Air. Fascinated by the tree roots invading Indian temples and buildings, Loher presents a diptych made of two bird nests which contain egg-like videos. The seamless fusion of organic elements and technology thereby represents the complex balance between humans and nature. 

Loher’s installation coexists with Sumakshi Singh’s “Living Gardens of Light”, a sparking transparent forest interlaced with skeletal embroideries that bloom, die and resurrect amidst flickering fireflies and hummingbirds. Singh’s work “In the Garden” is a tribute to her experience of a particular kind of light and energy – a certain shift distinct from the chaos and circus of the world immediately outside - within the garden of Swiss born swami Hans Hablützel in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

The artist, sculptor, poet and thinker Satish Gupta completes the Swiss Indian Art Collective. Gupta contemplates the beauty of earth to find repeated refrains in nature in order to unravel a silent spring within his own inner journeys. One such journey began years ago when he carried an eagle’s feather from South Africa to India. The ‘Wing of Eternity’ is a sculptural installation in the incarnate residue of an eagle’s wing and an emblem of reverie. Gupta’s versatile sequences of meditative art give substance to divinity and makes palpable the eternal flow of life represented by the mandala.