Irfan Önürmen featured as a VOLTA NY standout in Arcade Project

Bewitched: Stunning Standouts at VOLTA NY 2017
by Audra Lambert

Wandering the aisles at VOLTA NY can be compared to browsing the racks at your local upmarket thrift shop: every now and then an Armani jacket catches your eye among the Merona sweaters. This year’s edition was no different. Taking a plunge into this year’s offerings, several features were immediately apparent: Wendy Vogel’s curated Your Body is a Battleground section highlighted cutting-edge artists considering social justice subject matter, while Rebecca Goyette’s Golden Showers: A Sex Hex, a video featuring Brian Whitely, provided some delightful shock-and-awe near the (much-needed) lounge area. Traipsing through the charmingly inoffensive abstraction and quirky representational works, certain dealers stood out, taking a daring leap into ongoing traffic to bring visitors something new and entirely unexpected. 

C24 Gallery, Irfan Onurmen

Approaching C24’s exhibit at VOLTA is a fabulously disorienting experience. Akin to emerging from a dark alleyway to a magical wonderland, Onurmen’s featured artwork encompasses various pieces emerging from his broad studio practice. Sculpture exists alongside installation works, paintings and photographic prints. Different images coexist comfortably and disorienting by degrees, denying the visitor easy access to the works’ meaning. Abstracted portraiture evincing a delicate hand blends with images of war and political intrigue, making this exhibit the kind of spectacle worth indulging in.

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