CI Dialogues, the fair's talk programme will this year be titled "The Other Art, Alternatives, Choices, Options" and here is how the programme will be examined: "Art is transforming itself and being transformed by all means, everywhere... The new social and political formations and shaped by the globalization and the new technological moves shape art anew. We are facing not only new ways of production but also the new ways of consumption is a matter of fact. The clash between the new and conventional and established institutions of art also opens to novelties. The end of the new is reached every day and the ‘new’ meaning of every concept is already old. The course of the search has always been and still is towards the democratization. The new-to-come is also going to be a matter of democracy. Art in its existing forms and institutions might be now repressive. So art market, actors of art market need a new look as well as museums, galleries, collectors, critics. The other art is at the door. But is in that urgent need of discussion."

Session 4: The Future is Now- Contemporary Art in China, will discuss the present and future state of art in China. Questions regarding formal, technical, and aesthetical matters will aim at revealing a certain character of Chinese art that makes it outstanding and unique. The analysis of the latest trends will also help to get a glimpse into a possible future of Chinese art. 

Daniel Szehin Ho // Editor in chief & Co-founder of

Chrissie Iles // Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
Katja Loher // Contemporary Artist
Dr. Micheal Jacobs // International Art Collector

Friday November 14, 2014

CI Dialogues '14 Featuring Katja Loher