Christian Vincent Paintings Featured in The Stylish Flaneuse


Christian Vincent Pursuits Mindfulness Through The Frame at the C24 gallery.

A hypnotizing aura of melancholia reminiscent of Picasso’s Blue Period (Periodo Azul)  flows through the wide open gallery space at C24 GALLERY. Los Angeles based artist Christian Vincent’s Through Through The Frame incorporates similar monochromatic highlights of blue-green shades like Picasso’s somber series. Vincent’s collective of absent facial expressions evokes feelings of isolation, and at times a daydreaming ambiance. “The subjects, often youthful figures on the verge of adulthood, capture a sense of innocence confronted with the compromises of modern life.”

The subjects are depicted unaware in acts of mindfulness by the brush of the artist’s hazy strokes.

The unaware subjects’ blank expressions give off the impression they have too much on their minds to notice the artist observing them. Others are caught in a deep meditated sense of calmness and in oneness with nature, like in Dissolve, 2016. Through The Frame explores the act of observing mindfully our surroundings, the people, and the observation of pure stillness and solitude.

The weekend wanderer who seeks to be closer with nature and for moments of quiet solitude can be seen in Gap, 2016.

“The artist Vincent most closely resembles is not a painter at all, but…novelist Sinclair Lewis. Like Lewis, with his knowing savaging of all things American, Vincent is at bottom a social commentator…[his] deep and perplexed love of his country is worked out in a melodrama of purely native characters and situations.” Art In America’s Gerrit Henry

Through The Frame explores the imposed desire of wanting to fit in society can be sense in paintings like Web, 2016. (pictured above) A painting contradicted by the subject’s wandering side noted in the Gap.

Photography : Erica Genece

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