İrfan Önürmen presented on Artful Living

Between Existence and Extinction Rhythm

By Hazal Gencay | March 14, 2016

Using different materials in the work in its original format tulle collages, tulle on paintings, paper sculptures and installations series forming Irfan Önürmen relationship between personal and public experiences as seen from contemporary media lens and reveals differences.

 Irfan Önürmen, D Series No. 12, 2016, textile materials, acrylic and layers of tulle on stretcher

 Irfan Önürmen, D Series No. 12, 2016, textile materials, acrylic and layers of tulle on stretcher

In 1987, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, graduated from the Painting Department of the interest in Önürmen collage student lore goes back to the period. Tulle, lace, newspapers such as materials used in layers that can see in the early works. This stratification is in fact already come up with paint on canvas works well. The depth of feeling in tulle over time and the effect of its own material, begins to stand out in Önürmen jobs. In short, space research in the picture as a painter with his interest in materials that allow the shift to a different path. Because the lightness and transparency of tulle attracting the artist's attention. Transparent tulle with him, helping to create a different sense of depth. We see a similar layered structure on the other side of the work used newsprint. Irfan Önürmen works every moment to shape a new formation, it is refreshing. In fact, this state is located in the center of the formation process of the artist as an ongoing task at hand ambivalent and continuously transforms into something new. General framework outside a predetermined and non-thought concept, formed in the process, there is a spontaneous approach. Especially C24 Gallery (New York) Located recent solo exhibit "Pendulum" s emergence has been quite surprising. Sometimes a job in a very short period of Önürmen continue and remain in the background material can lose its importance in terms of both issues. In fact, this situation is not foreign to us; because sitting on the constantly renewed by means of mass communication and duplicate images in the ongoing bombardment of our lives exactly Önürmen's recent work and the working principle of the center. 

 Irfan Önürmen, D Series No. 4, 2016, textile materials, acrylic and layers of tulle on stretcher

Irfan none circulating in Önürmen's head does not pass in front of the other one can speak of many kinds of concepts. However, recent work in Önürmen general mood in which we read as possible. The first reason that highlight affect this process is messy the head of the country where social, cultural and political structures, we can talk about. In geography we live in this building where everything is inevitably reflected in the uncertain Önürmen jobs. War environment, deaths, about what is happening so the lack of information flow makes us all nervous as individuals. A state of being in suspense, uncertainty, phenomena such as lack of feeling is reflected in the following Önürmen's life and work. Therefore, with the current, which created quite a sensation "Pendulum" in this state, we can see the manifestations of the spirit. What is unreadable visuals bringing Irfan Önürmen tulle transparent and translucent effects are getting on top. A number of images in the work place and come across the situation associating them with something. Fragmentary state of being revealed through the images Önürmen. Subject with an extremely well everyday and ordinary but also great humanity daunting in level to symbolize. Icon media issues flowing from our part of the life and loaded with images. 

 Irfan Önürmen, D Series No. 13, textile materials, acrylic and layers of tulle on stretcher