A practice that continued for a long time without gallery representation, now represented by itself (hello ☺ to flirt I calmly gallery) continued I would write on Contemporary Istanbul. What I want to say, not a big issue when I think 400 words specific to the field of art, perhaps the area's actor-actress 400 were also discussions with people who prefer immediately before opening. 
  November 11 Wednesday opened its doors with previews carried Contemporary Istanbul to be experienced until November 15 Istanbul Congress Centre and the Lutfi Kirdar will be open to contemporary art audience at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. In 2006, as recalled Marcus Graf forty domestic and nine international, including forty-nine galleries on the road with the Contemporary Istanbul, in its 10th year hosts a gallery of facets from twenty-four countries. From still remember the debate can not dependence-independence notion by giving the right in the field of art, I am still keeping in mind the large exhibition means including purchase of fair words. Of course, what the art audience with this large exhibition, will face the question of how and with what deserves to be considered. Around the world, the art fair climate, homogenization of the displayed works, the danger of losing its breathing ... Artist possible to deal with this situation is not very easy. On the one hand we are now referring to the neck vertebrae when an artist model boil ceiling fresco. Visibility of the work with today's knowledge, the sale, the name of continuity and production of non-payment of bills. I think this disappointing continue to do what we do in the world, it's important. I have experience in the exhibition accompanied by intense encounter and conversation in the preview frame, the frame that I share falling short range. 
Plugin section, which houses the new media art curator Ebru recommended by Adult X-CHANGE is carried out under the title theme. Section architectural arrangement with a larger audience this year he fictionalized in the ratio-proportion welcome. I'm watching the yadederek the energy of youthful activity without getting lost in. In this section, the reproduction of the exchange path in the new media culture, self-made stream based on production practices, waste and reuse of wasted material and covers the relationship interaction causing mutations. Work with simple technology, high technology, a combination processing of organic and inorganic forms, focusing on sub-heading as the dynamics that go beyond the duality of physical and digital X-CHANGE, pending experience for your encounter with the young energy. 
This encounter in a three-hour tour been able Ihsan sitting, personal representation in Karavil Gallery, Pi Artworks in What Is Something to do Depends on What It Is Not because Nancy Atakan, Review First, Sevil Tunaboylu the Sanatorium and Kemal Özen, especially me Get out of here saying canvas, Nermin, Eviner and Nilbar Wrestling is going to do with Himself. created their space by removing the floor of the gallery and they lie on styrofoam "-Get in, you cold!" but it creates also my feeling that does not answer your question, we have seen flipping the phone plugged into the charger horizontally performers changing world, keep in mind, artSumer, Gallery Zilberman, Gallerist C24 Gallery, The Empire Project and Gallery opens the field to Never the dramatic encounter. speed that day from the Ramp Gallery get times we bade farewell, saying Genghis captured does not pass without greeting the teacher.