The video artist is a poetic documentarian obsessed with production processes. For the 2009 video Obstructions/Casa di Moda, Kazma tracked a piece of clothing from its genesis in a factory to its sensuous debut on the catwalk.  Clerk, 2011, presents shots of a bureaucrat's hands as he flips through and stamps official papers at an unbelievable high speed. Kazma's editing is exquisite - including a liberal use of detailed close-ups - but it's his deft handling of audio that's perhaps most impressive: The clerk's stamping becomes a staccato drumming pattern; in Obstructions/Cuisine, 2010, the action in a high-end restaurant kitchen plays out against the clanging of a whisk and the sizzle of hot oven surfaces. "My work is about people transforming the world. I would like to see and feel the relationship between all these capacities in a deeper way," Kazma says. "I'm more interested in the possibilities of being in the world rather than the mechanics - I leave the how-to part to the Discovery Channel. We are constantly told to consume, while production has become sort of an embarrassing relation we do not want to be seen with in public. This, for me, is a terrible injury to the possibilities of being human. I want to make production and creation visible. It's not a voyeur's fascination, it's the fascination of a fellow human being who is also producing." -Scott Indrisek