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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 –

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Featured Artists:

Mike Dargas

Katja Loher

Irfan Önürmen

Seçkin Pirim

Christian Vincent

C24 Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Art Miami from December 3rd-8th (Booth AM304). This year, we are thrilled to be exhibiting new and recent works from featured artists Mike DargasKatja Loherİrfan ÖnürmenSeçkin Pirim and Christian Vincent. The gallery’s national and international roster encompasses a range of global perspectives, styles and mediums. For this year’s booth, we are offering a variety of works that explore everything from the search for inner balance to a concern for the survival of important animal species. Concurrently, digital work by Tommy Hartung will be exhibited at CADAF Miami.


İrfan Önürmen, Man with Glasses, 2016, gouache on paper, 19.7 x 13.8in. (50 x 35cm) 

In a collection of his paper and new canvas-collage works, İrfan Önürmen investigates shifting notions of self in a world that often obscures personal identity with layers of societal expectations and preconceptions. His drawings, paintings and collages evoke a search for meaning in enigmatic environments that are at once familiar and dreamlike.

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Mike Dargas, Reflection of Dreams, 2019, oil on panel, 40 x 60in. (101.6 x 152.4cm)

The figurative oil paintings of Mike Dargas use honey as a muse to both reveal and obscure, in provocative works that demonstrate a fascination with intimacy, conjured by an inflaming of the senses. Featured will be works that represent his well-known hyper-realistic style as well as his newer experimentations with texture.

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Seçkin Pirim, White Vibration, 2018, hand painted on 300 gr bristol paper, 25 x 17in. (63.5 x 43.2cm)

Seçkin Pirim’s abstract explorations continue his deep dive into the obsessive patterns of consistency and disruption. In a pair of satisfyingly precise pieces that employ both laser cutting techniques and handmade assemblage, Pirim explores the duality of harmony and dysfunction in a world that demands our constant attention.

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Katja Loher, How does the rumor of the sky smell when the blue of water sings?, 2018, multi-channel video, 7:30 minutes, looped, hand-blown glass sculptures, video screen embedded in acrylic, 15 x 20 x 6in. (38 x 51 x 15cm)

Katja Loher’s video sculptures explore human-kind’s often dysfunctional relationship with the natural world. In her piece, Why did the bees leave? she and her actors perform as a small group of bees pollinating a flower, viewed through the stem of a delicate, glass vase. In her work, How does the rumor of the sky smell when the blue of water sings?, Loher evokes the intense hues of nature’s beauty through video images embedded in an abstract glass sculpture.

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Christian Vincent, Veil, 2019, oil on canvas, 72 x 54in. (182.9 x 137.2cm)

And finally, Christian Vincent offers a collection of paintings and collages that hearken to a sense of innocence and delicate beauty during times that threaten to overshadow and obscure the purest of our intentions.

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Tommy Hartung, The Old Testament, 2019, video still

During the same week, as part of their continuing partnership with C24 Gallery, Brooklyn’s (pronounced Snark dot art) will feature C24 artist Tommy Hartung’s most recent digital work, The Old Testament, at the CADAF art fair, also in Miami. An extension of Hartung’s highly praised works, The Bible (2014) and King Solomon’s Mines (2017), The Old Testament incorporates new footage and material with those earlier pieces. The video runs more than one hour long and is comprised of approximately 25 chapters that are each unique works of video art., founded by Andy Alekhin and Misha Libman, is a digital laboratory for art and technology that works in collaboration with artists in the creation, distribution, and sales of works that harness blockchain’s decentralized community, digital scarcity, and seemingly endless applications. They will be offering individual chapters of The Old Testament for purchase at the CADAF art fair, as well as on the website. The collective of owners and the artist will have the ability and the right to reassemble the work through a free loan mechanism has developed.


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We invite you to visit both fairs while you are in Miami for this festive week. And while you're in NYC, please visit us at the gallery for our current exhibitions, Culture Keepers, the latest collection of new works by Christian Vincent, and in C24 Underground, Analogous Dimensions, featuring the work of Marion Fink & Enikö Márton in partnership with the Berlin-based curatorial collective, A:D:. The exhibitions will be on view through January 23, 2020.