İrfan Önürmen                                                                                                                  Diffusion                                                                                                                                June 1 - September 5, 2018

Diffusion is inspired by the natural environment of İrfan Önürmen's studio space. An artist’s studio contains the results of production and remnants of the whole process. Every bit of information, thoughts, feelings, and hopes of the artist are blended into the artwork. This installation shows the dialectic relations between the dualism, integration and dissolution formed during the production period on a physical platform, thus creating a conversation within its environment.

In the artistic development, the progression of plastic structure, pictorial plane, and depth of material, a production appears from a mutual anxiety that looks unrelated to each other. He believes the elements between these are fragile and broken. The artist wishes for a discussion to be made on the question of the conceptual differences between the images which belongs to various layers of the reality. To create this emphasis he looks to his personal history and takes a journey through it. From this perspective Diffusion creates multi-layered metaphors including both closure and disclosure. With this the artist facilitates an environment for discussion between the formal and conceptual relationship from the history of his artistic approach. These intense relationships exist in parallel or one after another. Sometimes these interactions form the basis of the new level of artistic development. The artist always places the human figure on the center of his works and social references has been his main problematique.

About the Artist:                                                                                                                  İrfan Önürmen's graduated from the Istanbul Fine Arts Academy (now known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University), Department of Painting, in 1987. His work reveals the relationships and discrepancies between personal and public experience as seen through the lens of contemporary media. Önürmen addresses the impact of mass media on human experience and its visual representation through collage, painting, and sculpture. His selected exhibitions include “9 Contemporary Turkish Painters,” Brussels, Belgium, in 2004; “Made in Turkey,” Kulturdezernat der Stadt, Frankfurt, Germany, in 2008; “New Baghdad Museum and Terror Factory,” Thessaloniki Contemporary State Art Museum, Greece, in 2009; the 10th Istanbul Biennial; “6 positions in critical art from Istanbul,” Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin, in 2009.