Robert Montgomery (born 1972 Chapel Hall, lives and works in London) lyrical melancholy works describe the open wounds of capitalist society. His look is marked by deep skepticism to a blind progressive modernity and yet he believes in the possibility of each individual to rebel against. His lyrics make visible what is thought and felt the memories of a place and its people after.

His striking and often radiant in cold neon text work presents Montgomery amidst the cityscape on: at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, in the gardens of the Louvre, as a poster at urban railway bridges and a billboard at the frequented places of major international cities. White capital letters on a black background proclaiming the poetic message that turns out to be critical statement about society and global politics. His critique of capitalism meets with surprise effect immediately to the finish, she's committed performance art for our urban space - echoes of Fluxus and the art of the Situationists are intended. The book provides a comprehensive overview of Montgomery's fine work to date and highlights it in the texts by Henrik Wobbe, Barbara Polla, Manuel Wischnewski and others.