Our favorite openings, art events, parties in Berlin (November 27th-29th, 2014): Robert Montgomery at AJL Art, Katrin Fridriks at Circle Culture, About Sculpture

Vernissage / About Sculpture #4 
Thursday November 27th – 6pm

The fourth and last installment of a year long project exploring contemporary culture, About Sculpture #4 will include the last group of 25 artists born between the 1960s and 80s. The event will feature sculpture in many forms including wall sculptures, mixed media pieces combining industrial materials such as wax and and polystyrene and metal sculptures. Working on site specific creations, the participating artists aim to encourage new debates on sculpture and its boundaries. 

Galerie Rolando Anselmi // Winsstrasse 72, 10405 Berlin

Vernissage / Robert Montgomery at AJL Art 
Friday November 28th – 6 - 10pm

Scottish artist and Berlin sweetheart Robert Montgomery is back, with his latest show ‘You Walk On The Bones of Kings’ unveiled at AJL Art this Friday. Featuring the latest in his distinctive set of billboards, Montgomery continues to challenge the Western ideologies thrust upon us through the use of one of the most insidious forms of control – advertising. His latest pieces were displayed in LA, a commercial capital, and speak in his usual elegant manner of jarring juxtapositions between hope and reality, bitter truths no longer laced in saccharine as in normal adverts. 

AJL Art // Potsdamer Str. 98a (2. Hinterhof), 10785 Berlin

Multi media / Pornceptual Presents: An Erotic Afternoon 
Saturday November 29th – 2:30 - 8pm

After the phenomenal response to their monthly parties, erotic art project Pornceptual continue to branch out with their ever growing range of sexy suave events, this Saturday presenting ‘An Erotic Afternoon’. Featuring interactive performances, short film screenings and the chance to take part in an upcoming video, the event will also include two workshops – one with a strip yoga class (clothes optional) and one on creating DIY recycled vegan floggers. Only in Berlin. 

Spirograph Berlin // Revealer Strasse 99, Tor 4, Ecke Modersohn, 10245 Berlin 

Ausstellung // Stendhal Syndrome at Circle Culture Gallery 
Until February 14, 2015

Regardless of whether of not you missed the grand opening last week, the current show, ’Stendhal Syndrome’ at Circle Culture Gallery is one worth re-visiting. Featuring the work of Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks, ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ refers to the large installation piece which acts as the centrepiece to the exhibition, a unique painting and sculptural magnifying glass combination which provides every viewer with a truly idiosyncratic view of the work. Master of abstract, beautiful paintings Fridriks questions the fundamentals of life using ‘compelling aesthetic experience’ to do so.

Circle Culture Gallery // Potsdamer Straße 68, 2nd courtyard, 10785 Berlin