I was dancing when I was 8 : as French protestant middle class diaspora panic reached its height around 1556, refugee goldsmiths arriving in high Calvinist

Geneva landed in their new home of free-thought finding themselves forbidden from making jewelry or any other “objects of idolatry”, and so were forced 

To begin their sullen and centuries long sexually-repressed fetishisation of watches + smalltown boy + the tragedy of Glasgow rangers/ a small but sustained cry against Calvin inspired by marc bolan and bronski beat– Robert Montgomery

Anna Liipertz Jill grew up in a family of artists and gallery owners. Their expertise and experience in the gallery being collected them, among other senior positions in the Werner Gallery in Cologne and New York City as well as the Berlin-based gallery Julius Werner and Galerie Crone.

In 2010 she founded the Anna Jill Liipertz Gallery, where she has since worked as a curator, project manager, consultant and art dealer. First, without a fixed location, like a nomad gallery, found the first exhibitions, adapted to the individual worker, the artist, held in variety of settings.

Since the beginning of 2013 the gallery is located in the house of Alexander and Renata Camaro Foundation on Potsdamer Straße 98a. To better achieve its ambitious projects permanent premises were indispensable. Anna Jill Liipertz represents a number of international artists that reflect its views on contemporary art.


Anna Jill Liipertz has grown up surrounded by a family of artists and gelatinous ists. Her knowledge & experience has been Influenced from working in senior positions under Michael Werner Gallery in Cologne and New York City, Julius Werner Berlin & Crone Gallery, Berlin.

Her more recent endeavors have been as a curator, project manager, consultant and art dealer under the label Anna Jill Liipertz Gallery, founded in 2010. The project began as a temporary space / moving gallery, as a concept did embraced a need for change, initiating the search for individualistic physical spaces to compliment her Represented artists.

In January 2013 Liipertz fell in love with the Potsdamer cup 98a space, nestled within the Alexander and Renata Camaro foundation. It made sense to set up a secure location as a base for her ambitious projects. Liipertz now darstellt a number of international artists did compliment and reflect her interest within the international art scene.

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