Nick Gentry Featured on Unfinished Man

Nick Gentry Floppy Disk Art

by Chad

As you might have noticed, we’re a men’s lifestyle and entertainment site. We tend to write about fast cars, video games, and jet-setting. We talk about fine wines, gadgets, and dating. Which is why you might find it a little strange that we also write about art and photography.

I admit, it’s a little strange. Those topics are certainly the odd man out, but that’s okay. Here’s why…

Seeing interesting works of art and photography is inspiring. The pieces may not directly teach you to be a better man, but they should make you think. At the very least they’re often beautiful, in this author’s humble opinion, and that’s important too. Take for example this artwork made from floppy disks by British artist Nick Gentry.


It’s obvious that Nick Gentry has “simply” painted on floppy disks, but look at the end result. Aren’t these pieces striking? I sure think so. In fact, I had a lot of trouble picking only a few to show you.

Pretty cool, right? The only thing I’m left wondering is whether the Nick Gentry floppy disk are is actually for sale. I don’t own a ton of art, but I would absolutely buy one of these to hang on my wall.

If you would like to see the rest of his collection, just head over to his official website. I’ve included only a handful of his pieces.

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