Carole Feuerman Featured on La Repubblica

Capri, a swimmer in the square: the hyper-realistic sculpture conquers all

By Pasquale Raicaldo

Her name is Serena. And it is already the most photographed (and shared) of Capri. It has nothing to do, though, with the VIP guests who travel via Camerelle or moored luxurious yachts in the commercial port. Serena is indeed the protagonist of an art installation that does not go unnoticed, dominating the Piazzetta: the work of the American hyperrealist sculptor Carole Feuerman has often been the protagonist of the Venice Biennale, is a swimmer, complete with a headset, shown at rest . The title of the installation, which generates curiosity in tourists with the irresistible temptation of selfies and was taken care of Liquid Art System, is "Survival of Serena". "My works portray people who are comfortable in their own skin - had told Feuerman - promoting total health idea." Water and femininity, as in many of his subjects, touching now the heart of Capri button. Leaving their mark. 

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