b. 1983 in Cologne, Germany

Lives and works in Cologne, Germany

New York, — C24 Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of German artist Mike Dargas. C24 Gallery will present his work at Art New York May 3 - 8, 2016. Dargas will have his debut exhibition with C24 Gallery in 2017.

Mike Dargas is an artist living and working in Cologne, Germany.  His love for painting began at a young age and attended art school as a child in a class of adults. 

Inspired by Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga, Dargas explores themes of reality and the surreal in his hyperrealistic oil paintings and charcoal drawings. His quest for perfection results in works that read like photographs, snapshots of mental states. His subjects appear conflicted, lost in thought, or even sublimely calm. Dargas challenges both himself and the viewer to take a deeper look at  the subject, in order to question human nature and emotional perception. 


2001    Education in tattoo art

1995     Autodidactic study of painting



2017     Transformation, C24 Gallery, New York, USA

2016     Opera Gallery, London, UK

2015     Mike Dargas, Malerei, Ponyhof Gallery, Munich, Germany



2016   Contemporary Istanbul, C24 Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

            Art New York, C24 Gallery, New York, NY, US

            Art Karlsrufe,  WHITECONCEPTS Art Fair, Karlsruhe, Germany

            Kunsthaus Hannover, Germany 

2015    CONTEMPO Fine Art, Vienna, Austria

            Contemporary Art Fair, C24 Gallery(New York), Istanbul, Turkey

            STROKE, Art Fair, Munich, Germany

            Opera Gallery, London

            Palau de Casavells, Spain

2014     Neue Photokunst & Friends, Galerie Display, Cologne, Germany

             Freud lässt grüßen, Galerie Atelier I.S., Belgium

             art;pul Kunstmesse, Cologne, Germany

2013     ARTig, Kommandeursburg, Cologne, Germany