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For the 2012 edition of artMRKT Hamptons, C24 Gallery is pleased to be presenting works by five contemporary artists: Skylar Fein, James Gilroy, Charles Lutz, Irfan Onurmen and Regina Scully.

Skylar Fein’s works are politically inspired and often incorporate refuse and found materials from his current home, New Orleans. Works available will include Black Horse (Ugo Rondinone) (2011), Karl Lagerfeld Helmut Lang, Fendi (2011), and The Buildup (2011). Fein has received critical acclaim for his participation in Prospect. 1, the New Orleans Biennial in 2008-09 and for his installation Remember the Upstairs Lounge that was presented in New York in conjunction with No Longer Empty in 2010. The artist’s first solo exhibition at C24 Gallery will be on view from September 13 – October 27, 2012.

Works by James Gilroy will include a series of oil paintings on vellum that push beyond the figurative, denoting and reshaping form into voluptuous new configurations. These highly charged works explore the very nature of carnality, seeking the point at which spirit collides and merges with flesh. The result is a kind of shattered classicism, a sensual storm of shape and volume, swelling and expanding, sometimes barely contained by the pictorial frame.

Charles Lutz is best known for his paintings and sculptures that deal directly with the contemporary art world, mirroring socioeconomic issues in the greater cultural landscape. His Black Box (beer box) sculptures relate to a common experience and refer to the passing of time and youth. By rendering boxes of 40oz beer containers - normally found on the lowest shelves in a store - in black, Lutz memorializes the objects as a symbol of his generation, while also quoting similar forms found throughoutcultural history, such as the Kaaba at Mecca, Warhol’s Brillo Boxes and Charles Ray’s Ink Box.

Following his first solo exhibition in North America at C24 Gallery (May 4 – June 30, 2012), Irfan Onurmen’s work at artMRKT Hamptons will include collages and paintings from his Gaze Series (2012) and Today Series (2012). In a variety of forms, Onurmen unveils the relationships and discrepancies between personal and public experience as seen through the lens of contemporary media. In these series of work, the artist depicts familiar looking figures whose identities are fictional inventions; inspired by characters found on the internet, as well as iconic figures from mainstream culture. Made from layers of tulle, these pieces form softly colored portraits that refer to the composition of pixels through the material’s texture.

Regina Scully was included in the gallery’s inaugural exhibition Double Crescent curated by Dan Cameron. Her work is highly gestural and densely packed with pictorial incident that can be read as both abstraction and as a form of representation of the Gulf Coast environment in which she lives. Scully’s paintings can be understood as an inevitable consequence of the impact of a catastrophic event like hurricane Katrina, as well as representing the strong symbiosis between land and water and its ongoing dialogue between gestation and decay.

artMRKT Hamptons
Bridgehampton Historical Society
2368 Montauk Highway (Rt. 27)
Bridgehampton, NY 11932

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